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America World partners with Bethany Christian Services in assisting our families who adopt through Colombia.  In this partnership, families work in partnership with both agencies, America World Adoption for the provision of social services, and Bethany Christian Services for Colombia’s process and the placement of a child with your family.

In this partnership, prospective adoptive families have two accredited agencies working to help them complete their…

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Timeframe: 4 - 15 months for waiting children
Healthy & Waiting Children: 7 - 15 years
Parents Ages: At least 15 years older than adopted child; singles, 25 years
Marriage: 2 years
Estimate Expenses: $31,516 - $41,676
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Waiting Child in the India Program- “Robert” needs a family!

“Robert” is a 7-year old boy waiting for his forever family. He is described as studious, loving and caring. His caretakers note a leadership quality about him as he helps guide and care for the younger children. “Robert” has a...

Waiting Child Profile "Dalton"

"Dalton" is an adorable 40-month old little boy. The full extent of his medical needs are not known at this time. Families interested in being eligible to adopt a child like “Dalton” or other children whose files we receive, should...

The abundant life: An adoption story

Today Becca Lunde was gracious enough to share a transparent look at what goes on in the first month home. We’ve been home as a family of five for about a month and a half. The transition bringing our daughter,...