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America World partners with Bethany Christian Services in assisting our families who adopt through Colombia.  In this partnership, families work in partnership with both agencies, America World Adoption for the provision of social services, and Bethany Christian Services for Colombia’s process and the placement of a child with your family.

In this partnership, prospective adoptive families have two accredited agencies working to help them complete their…

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Timeframe: 4 - 15 months for waiting children
Healthy & Waiting Children: 7 - 15 years
Parents Ages: At least 15 years older than adopted child; singles, 25 years
Marriage: 2 years
Estimate Expenses: $31,516 - $41,676
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India Waiting Child: “ Talulah” is wonderfully made

“Talulah” is a sweet 1 ½ year old girl with black eyes and black hair. Her caretakers describe her as positive and happy, as evidenced by her beautiful smile. “Talulah” was born with no arms, but that hasn’t stopped her...

Finishing the Unfinished Business of Trauma: Webinar Series

If you are looking for resources to help your child who is struggling with stress and processing emotions this webinar by Heather T. Forbes may be a great asset for your family. Check out full details here.

Two letters of Acceptance from China!

We are excited to announce that we have received two more letters of acceptance from China! Congratulations Families! We are excited to see your children in your arms soon!