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At this time, our Haiti program is open to new applicants interested in adopting a child
with special needs or a child over the age of 6 years old on a limited basis.  We are also 
accepting applications for families interested in adopting healthy children and will accept 
two families per month into our program.  We have dossier submission spots open 
beginning in April 2017.



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Timeframe: 24 - 48 months
Healthy & Waiting Children: 0 - 15 years
Parents Ages: 30 - 50; Single women, 35 - 50
Marriage: 5 years
Estimate Expenses: $25,525 - $34,585 + travel & post adoption
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Letter of Acceptance from China!

We received another Letter of Acceptance for an America World family adopting from China! We’re so excited to see this sweet little girl come home to a family around the holidays.

USCIS Fee Increases

Earlier this week, USCIS published its final rule outlining changes in their fee schedule for services, including those for several adoption-related services. This includes fee increases for I-600/600As, I-800/800As, and a near-doubling of the fee to obtain a certificate of...

2017 Calendar Contest Deadline: Submit Your Photos by This Friday!

The 2017 America World Calendar Contest deadline is only 3 days away! All America World families are eligible to enter the annual contest but photos must be received no later than this Friday, October 28th. 13 photos will be selected...