Brazil Frequently Asked Questions

What sibling groups from Brazil have you seen placed for adoption?
Sibling sets of two, three, four and five children have become available for intercountry adoption. These sibling groups can range in terms of the gender and age of children. In general, families wanting to adopt a smaller sibling group should be willing to consider children who are older. It would be unrealistic for a family wanting to adopt two children six and under.
Our family is only interested in adopting one child; how will that affect our wait time?
There are more sibling groups than there are single children available for adoption in Brazil. The wait for families wanting to adopt just one child can range widely depending upon a family’s age request. It is unrealistic to expect just one child under the age of nine years old to be placed with a family.
My spouse is a Brazilian citizen and I’m a U.S. citizen. Does that make the process easier for us? May we adopt a younger child than other families?
All decisions regarding placements are done at the discretion of the adoption authority in Brazil. The adoption authority in Brazil has stated that they do prefer to place children with families of Brazilian origin. This does not necessarily mean that families of Brazilian origin can expect to have younger children placed with their family; our agency has not seen a trend that families of Brazilian origin are matched with younger children.
We recently traveled to Brazil and met a child living in an orphanage. The orphanage director told us the child is available for adoption. Can you help us adopt this child?
Our agency does not assist families wanting to pre-identify a child for their adoption from Brazil. All children placed for intercountry adoption are matched with families based upon the decision of the CEJA adoption authority.
We’ve been working with an attorney in Brazil to adopt a child. We recently learned that we need to be working with an agency in the United States. Can you assist us?
Our agency is glad to assist qualified families with their adoption, but we do not work on behalf of families to adopt specific, identified children. Please contact our agency to discuss your specific situation. Working directly with an attorney or an orphanage in Brazil is not required or recommended as part of the adoption process.
May we adopt multiple unrelated children from Brazil?
In general, adoption placements of multiple unrelated children from Brazil are not common. Families wanting to adopt multiple children should request to adopt a sibling group.
The required travel seems very long – is it possible for one parent to stay the whole time while the other parent returns back to the U.S.?
No, both parents are required to stay the entire time. Exceptions are not made to accommodate employers or for families with children in their home.
We have children in our home and would want them to travel with us when we go to Brazil; is this allowed?
Yes, this is allowed. We encourage families to discuss this with their social worker as well as with their adoption coordinator. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, and we encourage families to have the primary focus of their trip the adoption and bonding process with the new child(ren) entering their family.