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Since 2004, adoption in Ethiopia has grown substantially, making a name for itself in the international adoption world. Thousands of beautiful, healthy babies are brought home by American families each year from Ethiopia; however there is still a great need within the country to find homes for children who are older or have a special need. Some of these children have been abandoned since a young age and have grown up in children’s homes, others were placed in an orphanage because parents passed away, and still others are infants with a condition that classifies them as having a special need.

The Ethiopia Waiting Children Program was started by America World 2008, in an effort to find homes for these precious children. There are currently a large number of older children in the children’s homes that we work with who are eager to find their eternal families. It is our prayer that these eternal families are also eager to find these children.

The various needs that these children have can range anywhere between children who are HIV positive, to a hearing/vision impairment, to a child who is older in age. Children five years and older usually fall into the Waiting Children category, even if they do not have a special need. This is due to very limited number of requests for older children.

We have a number of

children waiting to be adopted.

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