Waiting Children Programs

Over the years, it has been a joy and privilege for America World Adoption to help find families for children considered hard to place, through our Waiting Children programs. Waiting children are orphans who have been identified as ready and available to be placed in loving homes due to an assortment of reasons. These reasons might include the fact that they are considered an older child, or are that they are diagnosed with a medical or developmental condition.

China Waiting Children Program

In China, there are waiting children between the ages of 6 months and thirteen years old, hundreds of whom have their paperwork ready and they are currently waiting for their forever families. There are boys and girls who are healthy older children or children of all ages who have a medical or special need. Commonly seen special needs include: cleft lip/ palate, heart defect, hand or foot deformity, spine conditions, Hepatitis B positive, and hearing or vision impairments. Families can receive referrals immediately upon entering the program and in some cases can adopt two unrelated children with one adoption process.

Ethiopia Waiting Children Program

In Ethiopia, the Waiting Children include older children (older than five) with no special need, children part of a sibling group, children who are HIV positive, children with a hearing or vision impairment, or developmental delays. As you begin the process of building your family through adoption, we encourage you to consider adopting a waiting child.

El Salvador Waiting Children Program

In El Salvador, the Waiting Children include boys ages 10-14 and girls ages 12-14, healthy or with medical needs. Some sibling groups in this age range are available. As you begin the process of building your family through adoption, we encourage you to consider adopting a waiting child.

India Waiting Children Program

The waiting children in India are boys and girls, ages 1-12 years with medical needs. Some medical needs we see are: vision or hearing impairments, limb differences or limited muscle mobility, mental developmental delays, TB and blood conditions. Families who have completed a home study, and America World has registered their information with CARA (the adoption authority in India), are eligible to inquire about referrals. Any family is invited to contact AWAA to learn more about how to adopt a waiting child from India.

Honduras Waiting Children Program

In Honduras there are estimated to be around 200,000 children with orphan status. While the orphans in Honduras are of all ages, most waiting and ready to be adopted are older healthy children (over 6 years of age) or children of all ages with special needs. Some of the special needs we see include development delays, communicable diseases, limb deformity and intestinal issues which could require surgery or simply a specialized diet. The children viewed here are referrals which are shared across agencies and have been provided to America World in hopes of advocating for these precious Waiting Children.